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Welcome to The Storage Bay - the premier destination for all your storage needs, be it shelving or racking, cabinets or lockers, work stations or containers. The Storage Bay’s unique portfolio of products delivers real solutions to your storage requirements, whether you are an industrial, commercial or domestic customer.

  1. Shelving & Racking

    Shelving & Racking

    Buy Shelving and Racking from The Storage Bay. The company offers a wide range of shelving and racking systems covering applications from domestic use through to the office, school, university, library, shop, factory, hospital, warehouse and distribution depots etc.

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  2. Lockers & Cloakroom

    Lockers & Cloakroom

    The Storage Bay offers an extensive suite of metal lockers and changing room equipment. Available in a choice of colour options the range covers lockers for schools, lockers for offices, lockers for hospitals, lockers for sports changing rooms and swimming pools.

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  3. Cabinets & Workstations

    Cabinets & Workstations

    Buy from The Storage Bay's extensive suite of Commercial and Industrial Cupboards, and cabinets. Available in an attractive range of colours . Our superb range of work stations and work benches also features in this category.

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  4. Small Parts & Containers

    Small Parts & Containers

    From Small Parts Plastic Containers and Plastic Trays through to Euro Containers and Archive Boxes,The Storage Bay offers a prodigious selection of containerised storage. Included in this category are Security Cages.

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  5. Handling & Access

    Handling & Access

    A wide variety of Handling and Access equipment including Steps, Step Ladders, Mobile Steps, Indistrial Steps and Medium Duty Steps. Plus a comprehensive suite of Trolleys, Trucks and Trailers.

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  6. Products By Usage

    Products By Usage

    This section enables you to browse products available which are specific to your working environment.

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  7. Project Installations

    Project Installations

    If you have a project which cannot be satisfied with an on line purchase , or if you need assistance in developing a solution to a storage or interior fit out problem, then contact us and we can arrange for The Storage Bay’s local specialist to provide a without obligation quotation.

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