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PROBE Lateral Filing Cupboard

  • Active Coat
  • Made in Britain
£465.26 Excl VAT £387.72
sku img body-colour door-colour configuration
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-BK Black Black Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-BL Black Blue Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-GN Black Green Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-RD Black Red Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-SV Black Silver Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-WH Black White Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-BK/D-YW Black Yellow Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-BK Silver Black Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-BL Silver Blue Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-GN Silver Green Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-RD Silver Red Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-SV Silver Silver Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-WH Silver White Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-SV/D-YW Silver Yellow Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-BK White Black Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-BL White Blue Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-GN White Green Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-RD White Red Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-SV White Silver Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-WH White White Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618COM/B-WH/D-YW White Yellow Commercial (65kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-BK Black Black Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-BL Black Blue Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-GN Black Green Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-RD Black Red Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-SV Black Silver Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-WH Black White Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-BK/D-YW Black Yellow Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-BK Silver Black Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-BL Silver Blue Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-GN Silver Green Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-RD Silver Red Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-SV Silver Silver Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-WH Silver White Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-SV/D-YW Silver Yellow Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-BK White Black Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-BL White Blue Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-GN White Green Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-RD White Red Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-SV White Silver Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-WH White White Industrial (85kg UDL)
LS-LAT703618IND/B-WH/D-YW White Yellow Industrial (85kg UDL)

This lateral filing cupboard comes complete with 5 lateral cradles to store documents for easy access and organisation. Available in a range of colours.

Commercial/Industrial Lateral Filing Cupboard

This lateral filing cupboard comes complete with 5 lateral cradles to store documents for easy access and organisation.

Available in a range of door and body colours, allowing you to match your PROBE cupboards to your existing colour/design schemes in your warehouse, workshop or other work environments.

All cupboard components are manufactured from mild steel.

  • Height: 1780mm
  • Width: 915mm
  • Depth: 460mm
  • Suspension files not included
  • Commercial option shelf load: 65kg UDL
  • Industrial option shelf load: 85kg UDL


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