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Wall Hook Strip - Type A

  • Delivered in 15 days
  • Active Coat
  • MRSA
  • Made in Britain
£86.94 Excl VAT £72.45
sku img colour configuration length-mm
LS-HOOK/10/BK/BP Black Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/BK/LA Black Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/10/BL/BP Blue Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/BL/LA Blue Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/10/GN/BP Green Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/GN/LA Green Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/10/RD/BP Red Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/RD/LA Red Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/10/SV/BP Silver Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/SV/LA Silver Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/10/WH/BP White Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/WH/LA White Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/10/YW/BP Yellow Black Polymer 1000
LS-HOOK/10/YW/LA Yellow Light Ash 1000
LS-HOOK/15/BK/BP Black Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/BK/LA Black Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/15/BL/BP Blue Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/BL/LA Blue Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/15/GN/BP Green Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/GN/LA Green Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/15/RD/BP Red Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/RD/LA Red Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/15/SV/BP Silver Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/SV/LA Silver Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/15/WH/BP White Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/WH/LA White Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/15/YW/BP Yellow Black Polymer 1500
LS-HOOK/15/YW/LA Yellow Light Ash 1500
LS-HOOK/20/BK/BP Black Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/BK/LA Black Light Ash 2000
LS-HOOK/20/BL/BP Blue Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/BL/LA Blue Light Ash 2000
LS-HOOK/20/GN/BP Green Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/GN/LA Green Light Ash 2000
LS-HOOK/20/RD/BP Red Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/RD/LA Red Light Ash 2000
LS-HOOK/20/SV/BP Silver Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/SV/LA Silver Light Ash 2000
LS-HOOK/20/WH/BP White Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/WH/LA White Light Ash 2000
LS-HOOK/20/YW/BP Yellow Black Polymer 2000
LS-HOOK/20/YW/LA Yellow Light Ash 2000

Probe Wall hook strips (Type A) are available in 1m, 1.5m or 2m lengths and come in Light Ash or Black Polymer. Each strip is fitted with 5, 8 or 10 coat hooks depending on the length.

Cloakroom wall hook strips

These cloakroom wall strips will compliment any office or locker room.

  • Available in 3 lengths - 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm
  • Choose from Wall Hook Strips fitted with 5, 10 or 15 Plastic Coat hooks
  • Choice of Light Ash or Black Polymer backboard
  • Choice of colours to match any environment
  • Timber comes from suppliers with positive reforestation policies and is supplied from sustainable forests.

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