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Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf

2 reviews
5 stars, based on 2 reviews.
  • up to 360Kg Shelf Load
  • Delivered in 5 days
  • No Nuts or Bolts
£14.40 Excl VAT £12.00
sku img depth-mm width-mm
SS-EC1448 355 1220
SS-EC1454 355 1370
SS-EC1460 355 1520
SS-EC1472 355 1820
SS-EC1818 460 460
SS-EC1824 460 610
SS-EC1830 460 760
SS-EC1836 460 915
SS-EC1842 460 1070
SS-EC1848 460 1220
SS-EC1854 460 1370
SS-EC1860 460 1520
SS-EC1872 460 1820
SS-EC2424 610 610
SS-EC2430 610 760
SS-EC2436 610 915
SS-EC2442 610 1070
SS-EC2448 610 1220
SS-EC2454 610 1370
SS-EC2460 610 1520
SS-EC2472 610 1820
SS-EC1224 305 610
SS-EC1230 305 760
SS-EC1236 305 915
SS-EC1242 305 1070
SS-EC1248 305 1220
SS-EC1430 355 760
SS-EC1436 355 915
SS-EC1442 355 1070
Additional Chrome Wire Shelf for our hugely versatile chrome wire shelving system with loads of up to 360kgs per shelf. Strong, stylish and very simple to build, our Chrome Wire products lend themselves to domestic, office and retail applications. Also suitable for kitchens to store dry food or crockery. The excellent ventilation makes Chrome Wire Shelving products perfect for server racks and computer work stations, as well as linen stores and laundry.

Additional Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf

Add shelves to your existing Chrome wire Shelving units or create your own bespoke Chrome Wire Shelving units from out Chrome Wire Shelving components and accessories.

Please make sure you match the correct width and depth to your chrome wire shelving bay.

This product is a single Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf. All shelves are supplied with the required plastic collars to attach to posts.

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Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf Reviews

Great shelves
Bought a few of these shelves with some posts and shelf dividers. Easy to put together and great quality
Excellent product and service
These chrome shelves are great quality. Buying from The Storage Bay allowed me to configure them exactly how I wanted with add-ons and extensions readily available and telephone advice on the various options. Delivery and communication were excellent. Recommended.

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