'Rhino Tuff' Plastic Bins - Grey

'Rhino Tuff' Plastic Bins - Grey

Large 'Rhino Tuff' Plastic Bins

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Super strong plastic picking bins available in a range of sizes. Note: these larger sizes of "Rhindo Tuff" Heavy Duty Plastic Bins only come in Blue. Heavy Duty Plastic Bins also available in smaller sizes.

Heavy duty small parts storage & picking solution

  • Made from tough shock-proof plastic
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Available in 9 different sizes

Pair these super tough plastic bins with Louvre Panels, Wall Louvre Kits, Louvre Racks & Trolleys or specialised racking bays to create the ultimate small parts picking solution.

Ideal for Workshop, Storeroom or Warehouse: small part picking, manufacturing or high density storage usage.

When hung on Louvre Panels, different sized bins occupy different numbers of slots/tongues on the louvre panel

Reference the table below to help you configure your own Louvre Panel and Plastic Bin kit.

LP Value = Louvre Panel Value = the number of slots/tongues on a louvre panel

Plastic Bin Size (W x D x H) LP Value (W x H)
415mm x 375mm x 179mm 6 x 4
415mm x 460mm x 292mm 6 x 6
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