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Locker project installations

Let us guide you with your large scale locker installations

Available in an attractive choice of superbly finished colours The Storage Bay's suite of Lockers meets the exacting requirements of BS 4680:1966 and is available in a wide range of standard carcase sizes with single and multi door options including:

  • Standard lockers
  • Clean and Dirty lockers
  • Two person
  • Education lockers
  • Heavy duty lockers
  • Clear door lockers
  • Post lockers
  • Police lockers
  • Leisure lockers
  • Golf lockers
  • Cube lockers
  • The Unique - ‘Locker Pod’
  • Garment Dispenser lockers

All Storage Bay lockers are finished in Active Coat which is a hard wearing anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environments. Active Coat is effective against MRSA.

  • Air vents on door*
  • Additional door perforations are an option
  • Welded internal door strengtheners*
  • Through frame locking
  • 5 knuckle hinges
  • 10 micro sprung disc lock

The wide range of locker products ensures that The Storage Bay specialist can maximise the benefit to you of access to 'the home of storage product excellence'.

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Advice on the most appropriate locker suite to satisfy your requirements can be obtained through discussion with The Storage Bay specialist local to you.

*Door strengthener not needed on some products
*Air vent system not available on some products due to small door size.

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