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Louvre Panels

£21.32 Excl VAT £17.77
sku img height-mm width-mm
AN-ARTBPLV1005P 915 457
AN-ARTBPLV0510L 457 915
AN-ARTBPLV0505 457 457

Our "Rhino Tuff" Plastic Bins can be hung on these louvre panels to create highly organised small parts storage and picking components. Please note: this product is the louvre panel only, plastic bins must be purchased separately - or have a look at our preconfigured plastic bin & louvre kits.

Hang "Rhino Tuff" plastic bins on these Louvre Panels for compact and efficient small parts storage and picking

The different sized Louvre Panels have varying numbers of slots, to help you configure a Louvre panel please see the table below.

Please note: this product is the louvre panel only.

LP Value = Louvre Panel Value = the number of slots/tongues on a louvre panel

Product LP Value (W x H)
Square Louvre Panel 6 x 9
Portrait Louvre Panel 6 x 19
Landscape Louvre Panel 13 x 9
Bench Stand Louvre 6 x 9

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