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Louvre Panel Spigots

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AN-ARTBSPSP200 Single Prong 200mm (A)
AN-ARTBSPST150 Square Tube 150mm (B)
AN-ARTBSPST300 Square Tube 300mm (C)
AN-ARTBSPDP200 Double Prong 200mm (D)
AN-ARTBSPEK200 Euro Hook 200mm (E)
AN-ARTBSPHK200 Steel Hook 200mm (F)

The perfect solution to hanging awkwardly shaped products, or items on a louvre panel. Easily hang products that don't fit easily on a shelf, or in a 'Rhino Tuff' picking bin.

A variety of spigots available for Louvre panels

Add even more flexibility to your louvre panels.

LP Value = Louvre Panel Value = the number of slots/tongues on a louvre panel

Each one of these spigots has a LP Value (W x H) of 1 x 2.

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